The week of November 4th


Why social movements matter

Above, Laurence Cox addresses the Extinction Rebellion movement, questioning the efficacy of their approach. Also, Scott Koenig explores the moral psychology of Greta Thurnberg’s climate activism. And, a video on what makes Oprah a great listener.

Pinterest’s kinder social network

Above, how Evan Sharp, founder of Pinterest, found a more provocative brand purpose and social mission through a deep qualitative exploration of their users as people. Also, Fabio Buresti wants agencies to stop thinking that their communications strategy is a brand strategy. It’s not.

A return to effervescence

Above, psychotherapist Mark Vernon explores how science understands religion and revisits Durkheim’s notion of effervescence - the transcendent buzz of collective activity. While we’re here, Amanda Mull joins Peloton, calling it a ‘stationary biking gang.’

The democratization of research

Above, Dan Gardner of Code and Theory makes the argument that UX should be part of everyone’s job. Above, Monty Hammontree of Microsoft on the democratization of user research focused on creating moments of connection.

What comes after CX & UX?

Also, much respect for Ray Poynter’s effort to position his new employer by declaring the end of UX and CX, and the dawning of HX - human experience. And, Leonard Murphy interviews the CEO of Ipsos, Didier Truchot.

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