The week of July 26th


Rational branding

Above, Helen Edwards on rational (over emotional) branding. Also, Mark Ritson on Tiffany’s rebrand.

On Imagination

Also, Nadine Dijkstra on imagination and reality being the same thing. Also, Ximena Vengoachea on the lost art of listening.

Unreal ethnography

Above, Daniel Mai on how virtual ethnography fails us. Also, Karen O’Rourke on psychogeography. Meanwhile, video-calling made elderly feel more lonely.

New Sincerity

Above, James Poniewozik on the end of irony on TV. Also, Robert Purchese on why trolls need kind words the most. Also, Ian Leslie on how Marvel conquered culture.

Future church

Also, Elizabeth Dias on Facebook and the church. Also, Annie Werner on TikTok kitchen witches. Also, Curie Virag on how rituals create community.

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