The week of April 12th


Listening from a distance

Above, Oscar Trimboli interviews Sheryl Brahnam on how to listen on zoom. Also, Ian Leslie on facework.

Losing religion

Above, Bryan Walsh on the decline of organized religion in the US. Also, Rick Reinhard on what to do with the churches.

A company & a city

Also, Andy Kessler on how Audible committed to Newark. Also, Henry Garbar on how good design makes bad cities.

Tik Tok & the body

Above, Tom Hoy on why TikTok and why now. Also, Mathew Hutson on how hand gestures help us learn.

How to change

Above, Olga Khazan on our personality as sand dunes, not stone. Also, Dan Sperber on evolutionary psychology & portraiture.

My name is Peter Spear.

I am a brand listener in Hudson, New York.

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