The week of October 21st


What is a person?

Above, psychologist Iris Berent (and others) discovers we are heavily biased towards nurture, and against nature. Also, Iain Carruthers discusses the work of behavioral psychologist Nick Chater, who takes this bias to its extreme, and wonders about it’s implications for market research.

Narrative Economics

Above, can Robert Shiller, in “Narrative Economics” (PDF), do for the humanities, what Thaler & Sunstein did for psychology? And, The New Yorker explores Millennials seeking meaning in astrology.

An Airbnb case study

Above, a case study from Airbnb on how research informed changes to how hosts review guests. Also, it’s good news that Ed Cotton has started a newsletter. And, Oscar Trimboli interviews FBI negotiator Chris Voss.

Why is qualitative undervalued?

Above, Edward Appleton offers the first of two pieces on why qual is undervalued. Also, Erika Hall offers a framework for making research more effective. Also, check out the claim of an SEO firm in Singapore.

The culting of brand building

Above, Jonathan Mildenhall in a piece on the culting of brand-building. Also, Ian Leslie on the state of the ad business. And, And, friend Josh McManus shares his vision of purpose over profit. And, an interview with Melany Dobson of Hudson Hemp on ritual.

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