My name is Peter Spear.
I am an ethnographer and brand consultant living in Hudson, New York.

Every Friday morning, I share a selection of links that have crossed my path during the week. Some are new. Some are very old.

My interest is in the role that true human understanding can play in helping organizations create more meaningful experiences.

The title of the newsletter - THAT BUSINESS OF MEANING - is meant to capture both the centrality of meaning-making to the growth of any business, and the disdain with which it’s generally held.

I want to make you wonder what it is like to be a human being, and how to listen to other human beings about their experience.


P.S. I have two interview projects I am in the middle of.

The first is on the state of qualitative research in modern brand building. If you have 45 minutes to share, please LET’S TALK ABOUT BRAND BUILDING.

The second is on the skills and abilities necessary to navigate the awkwardness of face-to-face research, please LET’S TALK ABOUT LISTENING.